Our Lizzie, by Anna Jacobs

Our Lizzie, by Anna Jacobs

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“A stubbornly courageous young woman endures an abusive marriage and then manages to create a more hopeful future in Jacobs' captivating, wonderfully old-fashioned historical novel.” – Booklist magazine review

 Lizzie Kershaw is an independent spirit; ever since her father's death she has had to be a survivor. She makes an ill-advised marriage in order to escape her harsh home life. However, she quickly discovers that she has married a selfish and violent man.

His beatings are ceaseless and she finds herself compelled to run away. With the help of some suffragettes, she escapes to Manchester, where she finds work in a munitions factory for a while.

Sam manages to find her and drags her home. It is only when his violence causes her to lose their unborn baby that Lizzie really finds the strength to make things change, and to find happiness with a man who loves her.