Pearls and Men, by Louis Kornitzer

Pearls and Men, by Louis Kornitzer

“To my mind there is nothing like the quest for jewels at their sources, which will throw a man into the whirlpool of adventure, and if he has eyes to see it, into the arms of romance itself.”

Louis Kornitzer, born in Vienna in 1873, was a pearl trader and gem merchant who wrote several books about pearls. He was the first western trader to live and source pearls in the Sulu Archipelago, in the Philippines.

Pearls and Men, from the Penguin travel and adventure series, includes many anecdotes from his life as a pearl trader as well as providing information on sourcing and appraising natural pearls. It is a book from a bygone era that aims to capture the romance of pearling using natural methods.

Published by Penguin Books, 1946.

Cover loose. Interior acceptable.