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Proverbs & Sayings of Ireland, by Sean Gaffney

Proverbs & Sayings of Ireland, by Sean Gaffney

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In this illustrated collection of over 1,000 proverbs and sayings from all over Ireland little escapes the barb: the priest, the drinker, the lover, Irish society, ideas, virtue and vices. But there is also humour and pride, faith and love ... and the odd word of caution: To praise God is proper, but a wise man won't blackguard the devil!

Enjoy a glimpse into the attitudes, morals, beliefs and philosophies of the Irish people throughout the ages. But never forget that: The person that brings a story to you will take away two from you!

“Over 1,000 fascinating, witty, cynical and totally Irish aphorisms ... our verbal legacy, reflecting a high sophistication, mature wisdom and a cultivated social sense.” - Evening Herald

“If you like proverbs you will love this book.” - Irish Independent