Renoir: An Intimate Biography by Barbara Ehrlich White

Renoir: An Intimate Biography by Barbara Ehrlich White

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A captivating and beautifully written biography by Barbara White, giving an intimate and detailed insight into the world's most intriguing of Impressionist artists, Auguste Renoir, and the obstacles he faced throughout his life.

Featuring 1,100 extracts from letters by, to and about Auguste Renoir, many of which were unpublished, giving a detailed insight into aspects of his professional and personal life.

Beautifully illustrated with many of his famous works, the book uncovers his creative development, the obstacles he faced and the friendships he sustained, through the words of the world's authority on his life, Barbara Ehrlich White.

“An in-depth biography of the French impressionist painter… ideal for readers seeking to delve deeply into Renoir's personality.” -Kirkus Reviews

“White's scholarly biography is the result of ‘56 years of professional concentration on Renoir's paintings, character and personality.’ The research here is impressive. Manet, Monet, Cézanne and Pissarro all make appearances. We also learn a great deal about 19th-century French society and mores.” -The New York Times Book Review