Robert Graves : A Biography, by Bruce King

Robert Graves : A Biography, by Bruce King

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The poet and author Robert Graves (1895-1985), is regarded as "one of the most brilliant lyric architects of the 20th century," although for a time his work was somewhat sidelined by the Modernists.

Graves’s writings and life belong to a period where the values and beliefs of the past were rejected or no longer felt sustainable: his unconventional life, his relationships with a series of strong-willed women and search for poetic rejuvenation through a series of muses can be seen as a rejection of ’Victorian values’, caused by his childhood experiences and his service in the First World War, where he was seriously wounded on the Somme.

His autobiography Good-Bye to All That, published in 1929, is one of the landmark memoirs of the war in the trenches on the Western Front. By the time of his death, Graves was internationally famous, seen as one of the 20th century’s best poets, and whose prose works were sold all over the world. This first single-volume biography sheds new light on an intriguing and unparalleled life.

The paternal grandfather of Robert Graves was bishop of Limerick from1866 to 1899. And Robert Graves was the son of the Irish Literary Revival writer Alfred Perceval Graves, who wrote "Father O'Flynn. This short biography does not make references to the poet's Limerick connection.