Rock Chronicles, by David Roberts

Rock Chronicles, by David Roberts

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Designed for today's visual-savvy generation, the book uses colour-coded infographics for quick-glance coverage of the ever-shifting line-ups, appearances, labels, sounds and successes of 250 of the most important rock acts from 1960 to 2018. Insightful commentary highlighted with photographs gives the lowdown on every member — whatever their role in the band and however short-lived their time with them.

Written by renowned rock music authority David Roberts, Rock Chronicles is a truly comprehensive, informative and compelling reference guide for everyone who enjoys and loves great rock music.

One- or two-page entries feature colour-coded charts showing the core members of each band, their roles, and the time periods they were active... Readers can use this book to identify who was in what band, when, as well as find out who played on various studio albums. Fifty top bands (such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and The Who) get an additional two-page spread of colour photographs. Numerous cross-references abound, and an index lists all of the performers noted in the book. An absolute must for any rock-music fan.  - Booklist. 

"A welcome and heavily used addition to any rock 'n' roll buff's library." - Library Journal