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Rome – City in Terror: The Nazi Occupation 1943–44, by Victor Failmezger

Rome – City in Terror: The Nazi Occupation 1943–44, by Victor Failmezger

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From the street fighting that heralded the German occupation to the Gestapo repression that followed, this is the gripping story of the German occupation of Rome from the Italian armistice in September 1943 until the Allied liberation of the city on June 5, 1944.

In September 1943, following wave upon wave of Allied bombing, Italy announced an armistice with the Allies. Shortly afterwards, the German Army disarmed Italian forces and, despite military and partisan resistance, quickly overran Rome. Rome – City in Terror is a comprehensive history of the nine-month-long German occupation of the city that followed.

It is the compelling story of an Eternal City brought low, of the terror and hardship of occupation, and of the disparate army of partisan fighters, displaced aristocrats, Vatican priests, Allied POWs, and ordinary citizens who battled for the liberation of Rome.

“Throughout, Failmezger presents fascinating stories and characters from a dramatic period of the war on the Italian front. Highly recommended for anyone interested in World War II history.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Any reader with a serious interest in the Second World War and who feels affection for Italy and its great-hearted people, will find Rome: City in Terror to be a most enjoyable and informative experience.” - The NYMAS Review