Ruby McBride, by Freda Lightfoot

Ruby McBride, by Freda Lightfoot

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Where there's a rulebook, there's a rebel...Ruby McBride has always been on the wrong side of authority. The grand opening of the Manchester Ship Canal is set to be a day of unfettered festivity for Ruby and her younger sister and brother. Even Queen Victoria will be in attendance.

But the glories of the ceremony fade into insignificance when their dying mother delivers them to the imposing oak doors of Ignatius House. Abandoned in the not-so-tender care of the nuns, the siblings are soon separated.

So when the Board of Guardians force Ruby into a marriage that sends her to a new home upon the Salford waterways, she makes only one vow: to reunite her family whatever the cost.

An inspiring novel about accepting change and bravely facing the future’ - Bangor Chronicle

‘Compelling and heart-wrenching’ -  Hull Daily Mail