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Samuel Pepys: the years of peril, by Arthur Bryant

Samuel Pepys: the years of peril, by Arthur Bryant

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Samuel Pepys: the years of peril covers the years 1669-1683, when he was no longer writing his famous diary. Pepys is now a rising Admiralty servant, quietly laying the foundations upon which British sea power was to rest for generations.

Yet in the background dramatic events are unfolding, that will eventually involve Pepys himself. Chief among them are the Titus Oates plot and the murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey, a London magistrate.  

Samuel Pepys (1633 – 1703) was an administrator of the navy of England and Member of Parliament who is most famous for the diary he kept from 1660 until 1669.

Arthur Bryant (1899 – 1985) was the favourite historian of three prime ministers: Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, and Harold Wilson.

Published by The Reprint Society in 1952.

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