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Severina, by Rodrigo Rey Rosa

Severina, by Rodrigo Rey Rosa

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In this short novel [Rey Rosa] opts to tell a different kind of tale, abounding with restlessness and compulsion.

The narrator becomes obsessed with the title character, a young woman with a penchant for stealing from the bookstore he owns. His discovery of her motives sets in motion a series of interconnected musings on the nature of storytelling, truth, and fiction itself.  -  New York magazine

Rey Rosa's book is both precious and precise. Its intense dreams, aphorisms, and literary lists are best read in one sitting.

The author keeps readers on tenterhooks as issues of identity and desire ebb and flow along with a suspenseful episode involving the burying of a body.

The fable here is a tale of love and forgiveness.It is a slim, terrific book.  — Publishers Weekly