Sufism and Surrealism, by Adonis

Sufism and Surrealism, by Adonis

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At first glance, Sufism and Surrealism appear to be as far removed from one another as is possible.

Adonis, however, draws convincing parallels between the two, contesting that God, in the traditional sense, does not exist in Surrealism or in Sufism, and that both are engaged in parallel quests for the nature of the Absolute, through ‘holy madness’ and the deregulation of the senses.

This is a remarkable investigation into the common threads of thought that run through seemingly polarised philosophies from East and West, written by a man Edward Said referred to as "”the most eloquent spokesman and explorer of Arab modernity.” 

“Adonis is one of the most important major literary figures of our century. His vision is extraordinary, his poetry sublime . . . a master of our times.” - V. S. Naipaul 

 “The Arab world's greatest living poet.” - The New York Times