“Table for one”: Diego Singh. Tomio Koyama Gallery Inc.

“Table for one”: Diego Singh. Tomio Koyama Gallery Inc.

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At the moment I go alone to restaurants, the movies or the gym. I am not embarrassed by this, but if I’m dining out, I turn my phone on and pretend that I am talking to someone.

You are alone, but no one should notice it or they might think you are a freak.

Painting endures all of these circumstances today. Painting now more than ever, tries to talk to performance, or video, or photography, or theatre, or whatever really, as the demands from the art world are clear: Engage, open up, dial right away and stop the monologue.

So, after the exhaustion that comes from trying to engage with others, two obvious options for the Painter emerge:
 1.- Dine with other people and really be with them while trying to commemorate, preserve, look for consensus, open up your practice.
 2.- Be fabulously alone and insist on it. I usually leave the restaurant and go home, knowing that I can enjoy being alone in my underwear, no shoes, bad hair. Reveling in my own bed, dancing to my own song.

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“Table for One” was published for Diego Singh's exhibition at the Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo in 2011. Above is part of the text which Diego Singh contributed for the exhibition.

Diego Singh as born in Argentina. You will find samples of his work here: http://koyamaartprojects.com/en/artists/diego-singh/

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