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The Affair, by Santa Montefiore

The Affair, by Santa Montefiore

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Angelica has the world at her feet: a gorgeous French husband, two beautiful children and a successful career.

One night at a gossipy dinner party, Angelica’s husband harmlessly flirts with another woman and Angelica herself encounters Jack, a handsome and charismatic man from South Africa. Angelica and Jack are irrevocably drawn together and cannot ignore the sparks that fly between them.

From her glamorous life in London, to the lush vineyards of South Africa, Angelica finds herself on a journey that will risk all she has worked for. She and Jack come together for a moment, only to be torn apart by fate. What will Angelica do when she finally realises just how far she has strayed from home…?

“Montefiore’s prose is as fizzy as the Bellinis her heroine favors, and the author’s sensual style wonderfully conjures…settings that range from upscale restaurants to shantytowns… escapism of the highest order.” - Booklist