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The Ages of Lulu, by Almudena Grandes

The Ages of Lulu, by Almudena Grandes

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“Carnality, intimacy, shame, and curiosity have made a triumph of this book which almost gave me a heart attack when I read it. Disturbing from head to toe.” – El Mundo

A groundbreaking novel of sexual exploration, The Ages of Lulu sparked international controversy and was an overnight sensation when it was first published in Spain fifteen years ago. It won the Sonrisa Vertical Prize and was made into a film starring Javier Bardem.

Giving her opinion about Spanish society today, Almudena Grandes says it has become "dumb and vulgar." Society, in her view, is now unpleasant and insensitive, full of indifferent people who do not care about the suffering of others and is blinded by consumerism and materialism.