The Blood of Free Men: The Liberation of Paris, 1944, by Michael Neiberg

The Blood of Free Men: The Liberation of Paris, 1944, by Michael Neiberg

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As the Allies struggled inland from Normandy in August of 1944, the fate of Paris hung in the balance.  

In The Blood of Free Men, celebrated historian Michael Neiberg deftly tracks the forces vying for Paris, providing a revealing new look at the city's dramatic and triumphant resistance against the Nazis.

The salvation of Paris was not a foregone conclusion, Neiberg shows, and the liberation was a chaotic operation that could have easily ended in the city's ruin.     

In a desperate bid to save their city, ordinary Parisians took to the streets, and through a combination of valiant fighting, shrewd diplomacy, and last-minute aid from the Allies, managed to save the City of Lights.

A groundbreaking, arresting narrative of the liberation, The Blood of Free Men tells the full story of one of the war's defining moments, when a tortured city and its inhabitants narrowly survived the deadliest conflict in human history.

“‘Paris will be transformed into a heap of rubble,' ordered Adolf Hitler in August 1944. The heroic story of how that crime against civilization was prevented is grippingly told in this diligently-researched and extremely well-written book. You can almost hear the bullets ricocheting across the boulevards.”  - Andrew Roberts

 “Neiberg's taut narrative explains how the liberation played out.... An evenhanded, efficient account of one of World War II's signature moments.” - Kirkus Reviews