The Dinosaurs Book, by John Woodward

The Dinosaurs Book, by John Woodward

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Packed with fun facts on fossils, amphibians, sea creatures, woolly mammoths, Neanderthals, insects and more. This book will intrigue readers and provide an experience that will redefine natural history for young people.

The lost world of velociraptor, stegosaurus, allosaurus, and other prehistoric monsters come to life as never seen before.

Packed with photorealistic computer-generated images, detailed cross-sections and cutaways revealing the inner workings of dinosaurs, simple annotations, and clear concise definitions explaining each dinosaur and prehistoric beast at a glance.

Revives the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Eras and brings young readers into the action.

All different Dinosaurs are presented extensively over a spread of pictures and information about how they lived, why they died and what can be read from the fossil left after them. This book is a must for all Dinosaur fans!