The Garden: Guild Books No. 241, by L.A.G. Strong

The Garden: Guild Books No. 241, by L.A.G. Strong

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The Garden is a semi-autobiographical novel, set in Dublin in the early years of the twentieth century and first published in 1931.

Dermot is a young man from an Irish family living in England. During the summer holidays he returns to Glasthule to visit his grandfather, and comes to love the city of Dublin. Then the Great War breaks out, bringing an end to the Edwardian summer for a whole generation.

Leonard Alfred George Strong (1896-1958) was born in Plymouth, to Irish parents, and was intensely proud of his Irish heritage. Like Dermot, he usually spent his summers in Ireland. He was a friend of W. B. Yeats at Oxford in the early 1920’s.

L. A. G. Strong wrote fiction, poetry, biographies of Thomas Moore and Synge and critical studies of James Joyce and others.

Published by Guild Books in 1947.

Good condition. Cover is a little worn. Binding intact.