The Man Who Never Was, by Ewen Montagu

The Man Who Never Was, by Ewen Montagu

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The Man Who Never Was tells the inside story of a British World War II scheme to mislead the Germans about the planned Allied invasion of Sicily.

Nicknamed ‘Operation Mincemeat’, the plan involved releasing a dead body just off the coast of Spain, where a skilled German secret agent would be likely to find it and assume the man was the victim of an airplane crash,

The non-existent ‘Royal Marine Major William Martin’ had letters in a briefcase hinting at a forthcoming Allied invasion of Greece and Sardinia.

The plan was successful, leading to German forces being moved to Greece and Sardinia and paving the way for the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943.

Captain Ewen Montagu (1901 –1985) was a British Naval intelligence officer who played a leading role in ‘Operation Mincement’.

Published by Penguin in 1956.

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