The Selected Poems Of Donald Hall, by Donald Hall

The Selected Poems Of Donald Hall, by Donald Hall

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“When I was twelve I wrote my first poem, and by fourteen I decided that’s what I’d do my whole life. I don’t regret it.” -  Donald Hall 

Former poet laureate Donald Hall was an American master, one of the nation’s most beloved and accomplished poets. Here, having taken stock of the body of his work - rigorous, gorgeous verse that is the result of seventy years of “ambition and pleasure” - he strips it down.

The Selected Poems of Donald Hall reflects the poet’s handpicked, concise selection, showcasing work rich with humour and Eros and “a kind of simplicity that succeeds in engaging the reader in the first few lines” (Billy Collins).

From the enduring “My Son My Executioner” to “Names of Horses” to “Without,” Donald Hall’s best poems deliver “a banquet in the mouth” (Charles Simic) and an “aching elegance” (Baltimore Sun). For the first-time reader or an old friend, these are, above all others, the poems to read, reread, and remember.