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The Spotted Deer, by J.H. Williams 'Elephant Bill'

The Spotted Deer, by J.H. Williams 'Elephant Bill'

In The Spotted Deer, J. H. Williams (Elephant Bill) relates his experiences in Burma and the Andaman Islands in the 1940s and 50s. In a series of anecdotes, full of adventure and humour, he illustrates the important of trust, towards both men and the animal kingdom, such as the spotted deer of the title, which he encountered in the jungle of North Andaman.

Williams believed in giving people the benefit of the doubt, whatever their past, and even hired as his personal servant a man who had once tried to kill him. “If you trust, you may live in a fool's paradise. If you don't trust, you live in a hell which you have created for yourself."

James Howard Williams (1897 - 1958) was a British soldier and elephant expert in Burma during the Second World War. He wrote several books about his life in the Far East.

 Published by Penguin in 1961.

Illustrated by Stuart Tresilian.

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