The Tiger and the Acrobat, by Susanna Tamaro

The Tiger and the Acrobat, by Susanna Tamaro

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'Joyful and profound.' - Il Piccolo

'Clear, razor-sharp prose.' - Corriere della Sera

Little Tiger is not like other tigers. Not content to spend her days alone, roaming the snow forests of Siberia hunting prey, she prefers instead to ponder the ways of the world. One day, eager to discover her own place within it, she sets out on a remarkable journey to discover the secret of life, and to meet the creatures she has heard most about: humans.

'A poetic and luminous modern fairy tale, imbued with love, tenderness, passion for ode to the human heart.'  - Famiglia Cristina

Best-selling Italian writer Tamaro’s beguiling parable is a paean to the power of friendship and a testament to the resiliency of the individual spirit, whatever form the body takes.   - - Booklist.