The Turn of the Tide, 1939-1943, by Arthur Bryant

The Turn of the Tide, 1939-1943, by Arthur Bryant

The Turn of the Tide gives us the ‘inside story’ of Britain’s World War II planning, in the form of the wartime diaries of Churchill’s Chief of Staff, General Brooke. Edited by historian Arthur Bryant, this volume covers the years 1939-43.  


Alan Brooke (later Viscount Alanbrooke) was born in France in 1883 to a prominent Anglo-Irish family from County Fermanagh. For much of the Second World War he was the foremost military adviser to Winston Churchill. In his diaries, Brooke comes across as a highly intelligent yet rigidly conventional military man, stoically impassive in victory or defeat, the ultimate embodiment of the British military hierarchy of his time.

He awed the flamboyant Montgomery, made short work of Churchill’s amateurish excursions into strategy, and was not impressed by his American counterparts, Eisenhower or Marshall.  Yet Brooke shows a sensitivity and awareness of what the War meant to the ordinary soldier, and writes movingly of the horrors of military collapse in 1940.   

Contains 4 one-page maps.

Published by The Reprint Society, 1958.

The book is in good condition, A clean copy with dustjacket.