Thoughtful Gardening, by Robin Lane Fox

Thoughtful Gardening, by Robin Lane Fox

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Takes readers on a delightful journey through each season of the gardening year. The author imbues each of his musings with grace, sophistication, and charm, offering expert advice and a touching reminder of the power of art and literature to deepen what we see and experience in nature.

Combining a vast understanding of horticulture with witty and stylish storytelling, these vignettes form - season by season - a rich reflection on the lessons, challenges, and joys of life in a garden.

Flower gardens are human creations informed by art, history, science, politics, and personality. Takes readers on a year-long tour that combines practical guidance, serious reflection, and humorous provocations.... Opinionated, witty, and erudite, this collection is an example of the best garden writing. — Publishers Weekly

This is not an ordinary 'how-to' gardening book but a brilliant exploration of a gardening passion." - Gregory Long, President of The New York Botanical Garden.