Timmy the Tug, by Jim Downer, and Ted Hughes

Timmy the Tug, by Jim Downer, and Ted Hughes

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An exact facsimile of a recently discovered Ted Hughes poem for children, lost for over 50 years, with Hughes’s typewritten manuscript and his friend Jim Downer’s enchanting watercolour illustrations

The poem tells the story of  Timmy the Tug Boat's escape from his moorings and subsequent adventures on the high seas. Downer's illustrations are a charming focus to this enchanting tale that will  appeal to children everywhere.

Vigorous, witty and free from the temptation of talking down to his readers … there is something too poignant for words about Downer’s childlike delight in these lines and drawings of 1950-something. The Times

The publishers have done it beautifully and the poem is very fresh, as well as fascinating. The illustrations are really sensationally good, I think - and not just because they’re so evocative of their time.  Andrew Motion