Titian: His Life, by Sheila Hale

Titian: His Life, by Sheila Hale

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The first definitive biography of the master painter in more than a century. This book is being hailed as a "landmark achievement.

This monumental biography of Titian draws on contemporary accounts and recent art research and scholarship, some of it previously unpublished, providing an unparalleled portrait of the artist, as well as a fascinating rendering of Venice as a centre of culture, commerce, and power.

A magnificent account of the incomparable Venetian artist Titian and the world he lived in…Given the lack of letters and personal documents, Hale could have produced a very slender biography. But, happily for readers, she instead enriches her book with numerous vignettes, facts, pen portraits and anecdotes…Best of all, Hale writes an elegant, even worldly prose…[Titian: His Life] is thus delicious as well as authoritative…For me, it's the biography of the year.
—Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

In reconstructing the largely undocumented life of the Venetian master painter, Hale also offers a dazzling look at the splendours of his city.
- New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice