Titles to Fame, edited by Denys Kilham Roberts.

Titles to Fame, edited by Denys Kilham Roberts.

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In Titles to Fame ten novelists give us the 'biographies' of their most successful books. Included in the selection are:

- Rogue Herries, a historical novel set in the Lake District, by Hugh Walpole;

- The Constant Nymph, by Margaret Kennedy, a 1924 novel about a teenage girl who falls in love with a family friend;

- Gaudy Night a mystery novel by Dorothy L. Sayers;

- R. H. Mottram’s 1924 novel, The Spanish Farm, an intricate portrait of the First World War from a civilian perspective.

The other contributors are H. M. Tomlinson, A. J. Cronin, E. M. Delafield, E. Arnot Robertson, Ernest Raymond and Margaret Irwin.


Published by Thomas Nelson & Sons in 1937. First edition.

In good condition with binding intact. Very slight fraying to board covers.