Verita$: Harvard's Hidden History, by Shin Eun-jung

Verita$: Harvard's Hidden History, by Shin Eun-jung

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A critical examination of Harvard’s monumental but disconcerting global influence and power, this book examines aspects of Harvard’s history not generally known.

The book begins with an analysis of Harvard’s involvement in the Salem Witch and Sacco-Vanzetti trials. Similarly disquieting, Harvard provided students as strikebreakers in both the 1912 Bread and Roses textile workers strike and the 1919 Boston police strike. Harvard administrators and scientists promoted eugenics in the early 20th century and had a deep impact on Nazi Germany’s race theories.

Its contemporary ties to U.S. foreign policy and neoliberalism are also profound. Harvard’s management of Russian economic reform left nightmarish memories, and the university was compelled to pay more than $26 million after the U.S. government sued it.

The book also examines Harvard’s investment policy for its massive endowment, its restrictive labour policies, and its devastation of the adjoining Allston-Brighton neighbourhood into which it is expanding. Harvard’s motto is “VERITAS,” which means “truth” in Latin, and the author explores the ways Harvard has pursued money and power above its quest for truth.

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