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Wakolda, by Lucía Puenzo

Wakolda, by Lucía Puenzo

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Now a major motion picture this novel is a story of obsession, loyalty and control as one man with dark intentions charms his way into the lives of an innocent, unsuspecting family.

Patagonia, 1960. José is on the run. Having fled from his homeland Germany, he has come to South America to continue his work – José is a doctor, who is seeking to manipulate genes to create the ‘perfect’ human race’. In the small village of Chacharramendi he first meets Lilith, a child he notices from the balcony of his motel and is instantly fascinated yet repulsed by. For Lilith has a growth defect, and the disproportionate size of her features represent all he is trying to exterminate from humankind.

A cold, calculating but eerily charming man, José befriends Lilith and manipulates his way into the family.

And so begins a dark relationship between the doctor and little girl, a kind of love that cannot end well. For José is actually Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, infamous for performing human experiments at Auschwitz and sooner or later his past is going to catch up with him.

The German Doctor (Spanish: Wakolda) is a 2013 Argentine historical drama film directed, produced, and written by Lucía Puenzo, based on her own novel Wakolda (2011).