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Watkins' Last Expedition, by F Spencer Chapman

Watkins' Last Expedition, by F Spencer Chapman

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Watkins' Last Expedition is a first-hand account of the 1932 East Greenland Expedition, which saw the death of its leader, Gino Watkins.

In 1930–31 Henry George "Gino" Watkins (1907 – 1932) led a team to survey the east coast of Greenland and monitor weather conditions there for a planned air route from England to Winnipeg. Chapman was attached as ‘ski expert and naturalist’ to this expedition; he was fluent in the Inuit language and was an able kayaker and dog sledger.

Chapman was again part of Watkins’ team when he returned to Greenland in 1932 to continue this survey work. On 20th August Gino Watkins went hunting for seals in his kayak in Tuttilik (Tugtilik Fjord) and did not return. Later that day, his empty kayak was found by his companions floating upside down. His body was never found.

Frederick Spencer Chapman (1907 – 1971) was a British Army officer and World War II veteran, famous for his exploits behind enemy lines in Japanese occupied Malaya.

Published by London: Penguin Books in 1938.

One of the original Penguin Travel and Adventure books in cerise covers.

Book is in good condition. Binding intact.  Slight tear on spine.