What Lane?, by Torrey Maldonado

What Lane?, by Torrey Maldonado

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"STAY IN YOUR LANE." Stephen doesn't want to hear that - he wants to have no lane. 

Anything his friends can do, Stephen should be able to do too, right? So when they dare each other to sneak into an abandoned building, he doesn't think it's his lane, but he goes.

Here's the thing, though: Can he do everything his friends can? Lately, he's not so sure. As a mixed kid, he feels like he's living in two worlds with different rules - and he's been noticing that strangers treat him differently than his white friends . . .

So what'll he do? Hold on tight as Stephen swerves in and out of lanes to find out which are his - and who should be with him.

“The characters are warmly realistic, by turns impulsive and regretful. In relatively few words, Maldonado elucidates matters related to racial profiling, police violence against black people, and allyship, all through the eyes of a brave kid trying to figure out who he is and where he belongs.” - Publishers Weekly

“Bridges everyday racism and accountable allyship with sincerity.” - Kirkus Reviews