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A New Twist On An Old Classic

Whether we’ve read it or not, we’re all familiar with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. And now, a new story has come out in the Gatsbyverse, this one focusing entirely on the mysterious Nick Carraway.

The copyright for The Great Gatsby ran out at the beginning of this year, leaving the story completely available to any sort of adaptation. Four days later, Michael Farris Smith published his own prequel, titled Nick in the United States, and then again a month later in the UK. Nick focuses on the life of Nick Carraway before his encounter with Jay Gatsby in the original novel, revealing much of his shadowed past.

“His [Nick’s] feelings on turning 30 and a decade of uncertainty before him have always rung true to my emotions” says the author, describing his passion for his new book. “And I still feel that way much of the time, torn between the revelations of what we discover in life and the abandon of those same discoveries.”

With the 100-year anniversary of The Great Gatsby coming soon, in 2025, more and more adaptations and additions are sure to pop up, expanding F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original universe. So keep your eyes peeled, because great things are coming your way.


If you haven’t read The Great Gatsby, check it out here!

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