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How to Regain a Taste for Reading?

Whether you are looking to reignite a lost reading habit, or you never really got hooked on books and you don’t know where to begin, here's some tips to help you to get started! When we lose ourselves in a book, it allows us to escape from the world around us and find a calm place. A book can be taken everywhere, becoming our traveling companion for a  short while. 

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A Bookstore for the Visually Impaired

Recently opened in Paris - a bookstore that specializes in books for the visually impaired. In recent months, some 932,000 visually impaired French people have been able to visit a bookstore in the Latin Quarter that specializes 100% in large print books. It is a first in France, created next to the Pantheon by the publishing houses Voir de Près and À Vue D'oeil.

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