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Death of Amparo Dávila, one of the great Latin American writers.

This Saturday, April 18th, Amparo Dávila, one of the great Latin American writers, died in Mexico City at the age of 92.

Loneliness, dementia, madness and fear were the recurring themes in her work.

She stood out for her short-story creations. In a tribute, the Madrid newspaper, El Pais, described her as a ray of light in a dark and macho sky.

An interviewer, who wrote about he just over a year ago, said: "I try to explore the enigma in her gaze that sometimes rises to stare at me and smile, but her eyes are too mysterious."

“Beneath the yellowish hue of the light bulb, I must have looked transparent and diluted. The daily exercise of suffering gives one the gaze of an abandoned dog and the colour of a ghost.”

is a quotation from her book The House Guest and other stories.

Amparo felt that love stops time, something evident in the titles of her books, Destroyed Time, Concrete music, Petrified trees.

She was a contemporary of Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo, Elena Poniatowska, Margo Glantz and Julio Cortázar, with whom she had a long friendship.

Just over a year ago she said:

May I not die on a cold Winter day and leave shivering from cold and fear into the unknown, that world of shades. Not like that. I want to leave in a sunny day, full of the green Spring, full of new blossoms and birds and flowers to look for my Garden of Eden, my lost paradise and enjoy the fruit of the vine and the fig tree, the perfume of the blossomed cherry and orange trees, the warmth of the sun that never sets.

She had her wish.



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