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How to Regain a Taste for Reading?

Whether you are looking to reignite a lost reading habit, or you never really got hooked on books and you don’t know where to begin, here's some tips to help you to get started.

When we lose ourselves in a book, it allows us to escape from the world around us and find a calm place. A book can be taken everywhere, becoming our traveling companion for a  short while. Some studies even prove that readers are more empathetic than average, because they put themselves in the shoes of various characters and situations and this helps them to more easily understand other people in their life.   

Here are our tips:

Find the genres and authors who will speak to you - There are a multitude of books just as there are a multitude of personalities in the world. If you are down to earth, you may prefer biographies or historical books. For dreamers, find the genre of fiction that will appeal to you the most, whether it is romance, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, adventure or detective stories.

The bookseller or librarian will be happy to help you in this quest, do not hesitate to ask them for their favourites, they will be delighted. Don't be shy, their craft is all about love of the book and advice, so go somewhere you love and chat!  

Find time to read - Some might say they don't have time to read. While this may sometimes be true, it is often also an easy excuse. All you have to do is give yourself this time and replace the idle moments of your day with a little reading break.

Our constant scrolling on social media, our downtime moments of the day that put us at a standstill, our journeys or series that we watch over and over; all these can be replaced by a good book.

Create a reading routine - Some people prefer to start their day with a few pages, just to be relaxed for what happens next. Others will choose to read before bed to get quality sleep. Choose the time that suits you and develop a routine, to anchor your readings in the week.

Find your reading places - Whether it's a cocooning and cosy spot or a more adventurous place, choose what suits you best. Under the duvet or on the sofa, outside in a park, on transport or more, the choice is yours.

Know where to find books in your local area - Look around for libraries, small or large bookstores, or second-hand stores.

Taken from an article from Le Soir, written by Eugenie Marichal. Photo credit Enzo Munoz.

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