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Lost Bookstores

There are still small bookstores like this one in some square of any lost city.

The reader stops by to look at the exquisite selection. "With the time and patience, we try to make a good selection," the bookstore owner tells me.

Novels, books of essays, travel books, history, poetry, will find them all here. You will not be bothered as you rummage, but a brief hint will suffice for the bookstore to help you. You can tell that they know about books, arts and literature.

A bookstore like this is what I always seek out on my travels.....even if so many have disappeared. So many have been driven out of existence by the gale which is Amazon

To this race of defeated, but unbeatable small booksellers, I want to raise a glass.

                                                                    - Rosa Solera, who visited from Cadiz.


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