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Reading is cool: Digital Book Clubs are Trendy

“There is one for Jane Austen fans, one for feminist literature and one for "novels you should have read by now": If you like reading, there is a book club for every possible subject on the "Meetup" website.

"Sometimes I hear about my group: "This is the largest collection of introverts I've ever seen," says Yumi Downie-Blackwell, who runs a book club on, "But even those who prefer to read books alone at home need new stimuli and contact."

“You can also have a look around on Instagram, for example on the profile of tennis player Andrea Petkovic. While she is in quarantine before the Australian Open, she chats in the bathroom of her hotel room with Robert Habeck [leader of the German Green party] about his book. She exchanges ideas with Sibylle Berg [Swiss author and playwright] about life outside the comfort zone, and from Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre [German writer and journalist] she learns what it is like to live constantly in a hotel.

"Lately more people are probably picking up books because leisure activities are so limited due to Coronavirus, according to the spokeswoman for LovelyBooks. With 1.9 million users per month and a total of over a million reviews, the online platform claims to be the leading book community in German-speaking countries.  

"On LovelyBooks, for example, there is a "Crime Club" or the "House of Fantasy", where readers can exchange ideas. Writers give readings there, such as Raphaela Edelbauer [Austrian writer] on February 18 and Benedict Wells [German-Swiss novelist] on April 8.

"In the Downie-Blackwell Club, too, members exchange reading tips or chat about anything to do with literature. As a book fan, do you benefit from social networks? The trained librarian is ambivalent. "Social networks are taking away my reading time! Instead of 'doom-scrolling' I could have read Anna Karenina last year," she jokes. "But thanks to social networking, my reading list is getting longer and longer.""

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