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Andy Warhol, by Gregor Muir & Yilmaz Dziewior

Andy Warhol, by Gregor Muir & Yilmaz Dziewior

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A fresh new look at the extraordinary life and work of the Pop Art superstar.

Andy Warhol was the son of immigrants who became an American icon, a shy gay man who became the hub of New York’s social scene and an artist who embraced consumerism, celebrity and the counter culture – and changed modern art in the process.

Throughout his career, his forays into advertising, fashion, film, TV and music videos, marked a fascination with mainstream popular culture.

Highlighting Warhol's knowing flirtation with the commercial world of celebrity alongside his socially engaged collaborations and advocacy of alternative lifestyles.

Including his iconic depictions alongside lesser-known works, this fascinating book returns Warhol to his conceptual ambition and positions him within the shifting creative and political landscape in which he worked, permitting a broad view of how Warhol, and his work, marked a period of cultural transformation.