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The Impossible First: From Fire to Ice―Crossing Antarctica Alone, by Colin O'Brady

The Impossible First: From Fire to Ice―Crossing Antarctica Alone, by Colin O'Brady

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Colin O’Brady’s awe-inspiring memoir spans his triumphant recovery from a tragic accident to his gripping 932-mile solo crossing of Antarctica. 

Prior to December 2018, no individual had ever crossed the landmass of Antarctica alone, without support and completely human powered. Yet, Colin O’Brady was determined to do just that, even if, ten years earlier, there was doubt that he’d ever walk again normally.

From the depths of a tragic accident, he fought his way back. In a quest to unlock his potential and discover what was possible, he went on to set three mountaineering world records before turning to this historic Antarctic challenge.

Enduring Antarctica’s sub-zero temperatures and pulling a sled that initially weighed 375 pounds - in complete isolation and through a succession of whiteouts, storms, and a series of near disasters - O’Brady persevered. Alone with his thoughts for nearly two months in the vastness of the frozen continent - gripped by fear and doubt - he reflected on his past, seeking courage and inspiration in the relationships and experiences that had shaped his life.

Honest, deeply moving, filled with moments of vulnerability - and set against the backdrop of some of the most extreme environments on earth, from Mt. Everest to Antarctica - The Impossible First reveals how anyone can reject limits, overcome immense obstacles, and discover what matters most.

“An incredibly engaging and well-written account of one man’s quest to cross the world’s harshest and most barren continent unassisted . . . you care as much about the man as the mission.” - The Wall Street Journal

“Harrowing… An unforgettable memoir of perseverance, survival, daring to dream big, and showing the world how to make the impossible possible.” - Booklist