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Adam And Caroline, By Conal O'Riordan

Adam And Caroline, By Conal O'Riordan

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Adam and Caroline is the story of Adam Quinn, an illegitimate son, growing up in Dublin in the early 20th Century. He meets a kindly friend and guardian who helps him to regain his rightful place.

Conal O'Riordan was born in Dublin in 1874.  He had intended a military career until he suffered a spinal injury in a fall from a horse. Moving to London at the age of 16, he achieved success writing plays and novels, including several featuring Adam Quinn and his family. O’Riordan succeeded John Millington Synge as director of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin from 1909 to 1915.  

Conal O’Riordan’s novels are noted for their evocative descriptions of Dublin slum life, their sharp-edged, witty dialogue and for the juxtaposition of dazzling comedy and an ironic sense of tragedy.

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This original  was published by W. Collins, Sons and Co.  in 1926

 Clean copy in good condition. Binding intact. Slight fading on the external back cover board. No dust jacket.