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Be My Baby: A Memoir

Be My Baby: A Memoir

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In Be My Baby, the incomparable Ronnie Spector offered a whirlwind account of the ever-shifting path of an iconic artist. And, more than anything else, she gave us an inspiring tale of triumph.

Be My Baby is the behind-the-scenes story―newly updated, and with an especially timely message―of how the original bad girl of rock and roll, Ronnie Spector, survived marriage to a monster and carved out a space for herself amid the chaos of the 1960s music scene and beyond.

Ronnie’s first collaboration with producer Phil Spector, “Be My Baby,” shot Ronnie and the Ronettes to stardom. No one sounded like Ronnie, with her alluring blend of innocence and knowing, but her voice would soon be silenced as Spector sequestered her behind electric gates, guard dogs, and barbed wire.

It took everything Ronnie had to escape her prisonlike marriage and wrest back control of her life, her music, and her legacy. And as shown in this edition, which includes a 2021 postscript from Ronnie, her life became proof that our challenges do not define us and there is always the potential to forge a fuller life.


“An entertaining, gossipy, whirlwind ride through the 1960s.” ― Wendy Leigh, London Sunday Times

“Funny and observant, consistently engaging… sprinkled with deadpan humor.” ― Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times

“Entertaining, often disturbing… well told and. quite moving. Be My Baby… marks the passage of Ronnie Spector from victim to survivor.” ― Alan Light, Rolling Stone