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Black Market, by Bernard Newman

Black Market, by Bernard Newman

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Black Market is a thriller, set in the Second World War, featuring the detective, Papa Pontivy.

After years of punishing poverty and rationing, the Black Market seems to be everywhere. But when an assassination attempt is made on Pontivy, he begins to suspect that the Germans might have something to do with it and turns his attention to eliminating this underground economy.

Despite finding a Rugby factory owner listening to German radio and interviewing men stealing molasses from a Thames Wharf, the roots of the black market continue to evade him.

Bernard Newman (1897 – 1968) was a prolific English author who published fiction and non-fiction. He was considered an authority on espionage (and a possible spy himself) and wrote spy novels and books on espionage.

Published by Victor Gollancz in 1947.

The book is in good condition with dust jacket and the binding is intact.