Charles Biederman, by Susan C. Larsen

Charles Biederman, by Susan C. Larsen

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While a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, Charles Biederman first encountered the work of Paul Cézanne, an artist who had an enormous impact on his career.

Though inspired by Constructivism, Cubism, and De Stijl, Biederman favoured natural observation over artistic theory. “One cannot go wrong with the truths of nature,” he said.

Charles Biederman (1906 - 2004) was active in the avant-garde for three-quarters of a century. From his early experiments with cubism and surrealism to the brightly coloured aluminium sculptures he constructed through the 1990s, he has pioneered art forms, styles, and theories. This book presents a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the career of this influential artist, and features full-colour illustrations of dozens of Biederman's paintings, drawings, and signature three-dimensional aluminium constructions.

Biederman's work is represented in distinguished collections across the United States and Western Europe.