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Elizabeth Captive Princess, by Margaret Irwin

Elizabeth Captive Princess, by Margaret Irwin

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Elizabeth Captive Princess is an historical novel about Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII, covering the perilous middle period of her life.

In July 1553 Queen Mary Tudor has just won possession of the throne, but her younger half sister, the beautiful and vivacious Princess Elizabeth, holds the hearts of the people.

Mary's health is fading fast and her power is beginning to crumble, but she is determined to rule as absolute monarch, as her father did before her. In these treacherous times, when all about her there is secrecy and deception, Elizabeth must rely on her faith and courage if she is to survive her ordeal and rise to fulfil her destiny.

“Margaret Irwin's books have an unsurpassed colour and gusto.” - The Times

Margaret Irwin (1889-1969) began writing books and short stories in the early 1920s. She became a noted authority on the Elizabethan and early Stuart era and was praised for the historical accuracy in her novels.

Published by The Reprint Society in 1950.

Book is in good condition. Binding intact. With dust jacket.