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Ella, by Mallory Kasdan, Illustrated by Marcos Chin

Ella, by Mallory Kasdan, Illustrated by Marcos Chin

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A clever parody about a little girl living in a hipster hotel.

This is ELLA. She is six years old. She lives at the Local Hotel. She has a nanny called Manny. He has tattoos for sleeves and he might go in with some guys to buy a grilled cheese truck. Sometimes Ella weaves purses out of Ziploc bags and reclaimed twine. (She is artsy of course.)

She has a dog named Stacie and a fish named Rasta and a scooter which is important for getting everywhere she needs to be.

Altogether she has been to 62 events including that Hillary Clinton fundraiser. She is NEVER bored. If Ella and Kay Thompson’s Eloise got together for a play date, they would have a very good time indeed. 

“Ella's mischief and cadence (and Kasdan's minimal punctuation) ring thrillingly familiar. . . . Her self-descriptions are hilarious; the text winks with merry self-awareness. . . . For hipsters of all ages.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Captures our current cultural moment.” - Los Angeles Times