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Go West!, by Pascal Blanchet.

Go West!, by Pascal Blanchet.

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Go West! North America By Railroad is a children's title written by Pascal Blanchet first released by a French-Canadian publisher La Pastèque in 2016. An English version was later released in April, 2018 by The Quarto Group. While it is tailored towards kids, any adult with an interest in trains would also enjoy it!

The book features illustrations throughout, with many fascinating factual details included here and there. For instance, during a journey where the reader travels from New York to Los Angeles and parts of Canada, the author highlights Canada's first steam locomotive, the first built and operated in the United States, how the West was settled, where the term "iron horse" is derived, several notable streamliners, an overview of the once-common Pullman porter, and much more.

The book is very engaging and highly recommended. If your child has any interest in trains they will surely love it!