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Headline Britons 1926-1930, By Peter Pugh

Headline Britons 1926-1930, By Peter Pugh

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Headline Britons 1926 - 1930 paints a unique picture of British life in the early 20th century by re-examining some of the country’s most notable characters.

Covering the years 1926-1930, it tells the stories of a number of people who, in that time, stood out among their contemporaries.

As the General Strike of 1926 starkly illustrated, economic hardship continued to be the lodestone of the decade. An American import, the movies, revolutionised entertainment, while William Morris rapidly developed the motor car in Oxford.

Peter Pugh brings these five years vividly to life through the stories of men like of John Logie Baird, whose development of the his television in these years presaged a great revolution in everyday life, and Noel Coward, the comedian who captured many hearts.