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How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?, by Neil Davidson

How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?, by Neil Davidson

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Once of central importance to left historians and activists alike, the concept of the ‘bourgeois revolution’ has recently come in for sustained criticism from both Marxists and conservatives.

In this comprehensive rejoinder, Neil Davidson seeks to answer the question, ‘How revolutionary were the bourgeois revolutions?’ by systematically examining the approach taken by a wide range of thinkers to explain their causes, outcomes, and content across the historical period from the sixteenth-century Reformation to twentieth-century decolonization.

Through far-reaching research and comprehensive analysis, Davidson demonstrates that there is much at stake - far from being a stale issue for the history books, understanding these struggles of the past can offer insightful lessons for today’s radicals.

“Davidson's book is one of immense and impressive erudition. His knowledge of the history of Marxist theory and historiography is as detailed as it is comprehensive, and must be well-nigh unrivalled. The endless, complex debates that characterize the Marxist tradition are distilled with clarity and illumination.” - Times Literary Supplement