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Humourous Wiltshire Rhymes, by Edward Slow

Humourous Wiltshire Rhymes, by Edward Slow

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Bill Byles wur a witty chap,
An vull a vun wur he;
Aelwys a lot ad got ta zaay,
An ready var a spree;
Tho Billy wurden a scholard high,
A never ad much school,
Heet still a knaa'd mwost everything,
His yead wur brimmin vull.

Humourous Wiltshire Rhymes, published circa 1903, is a collection of poems by Edward Slow (1841 –1925). Edward Slow wrote many poems or 'rhymes' in a style that was intended to reflect the rural Wiltshire accent. 

England Slow was born in Wilton in Wiltshire, and was a carriage builder by profession. With a perceptive, descriptive style and a wry biting humour, his poems provide an insight into the everyday lives of rural people in late Victorian and Edwardian southern England.


Published by R.R.  Edwards, Salisbury. 

Reasonable condition. The top section of the spine cover is missing and the lower section is loose. Otherwise, the binding is intact. Some foxing.

A number of the poems are illustrated with black and white pastoral scenes.