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Inside Opus Dei: The True, Unfinished Story

Inside Opus Dei: The True, Unfinished Story

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"A fascinating and disturbing book… a literary grenade seeking to blow apart Opus Dei's benign and exalted image… a picture of an obsessively secretive, manipulative and sexist organization with a virtual cultlike veneration of its founder." — Boston Globe

“Tapia's book is a comprehensive account of the inner workings of the women's branch of Opus Dei. It should fascinate sociologists and feminist and contribute to needed self-criticism in the Roman Catholic Church… A best seller in Spain, and a success in Germany, Portugal and Italy, Tapia's book has important lessons not only for John Paul II and other Catholics, but for all who wish to see religion freed from the tyranny of self-proclaimed saints." — Christian Century

“The little I knew about Opus Dei before reading this book was enough to make me feel uneasy about the increasing strength and visibility of the organization in the Catholic Church. Tapia's book deepened my wariness into something akin to dread. Her book, however, is not a cheap or sensational expose. It is the chronicle of an intelligent and sensitive woman who served the organization in responsible positions during her 18 year sojourn as a full member." — National Catholic Reporter