John Armleder (Flammarian Contemporary Art)  by Lionel Bovier.

John Armleder (Flammarian Contemporary Art) by Lionel Bovier.

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Widely known for his performance acts and sculptural pieces, John Armleder is a Swiss author that finds creativity and inspiration within what he calls a supermarket of forms.
John Armleder's furniture-sculptures combine painting and sculpture, drawing liberally from traditional art references, from modernist art, modern design, constructivism; and art deco, to minimalism, op art, music, and film. This book, published in Paris in 2005 by Flammarion, charts Armleders career and 150 images, which present the artist's eclectic output since his early work.
Armleder frequently examines the context in which art is displayed and views the exhibition as a medium in its own right.