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John Armleder (Flammarian Contemporary Art)  by Lionel Bovier.

John Armleder (Flammarian Contemporary Art) by Lionel Bovier.

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John Armleder has been at the forefront of many key developments in the postwar era and is regarded as one of the great masters of contemporary art. His work is based on his involvement with Fluxus in the 1960s and 1970s.

He is especially attracted by off-kilter moments, by mishaps, as many of his paintings and objects show.

Perhaps, deep in the eye of the hurricane, John Armleder can make out a point of absolute indifference, where all discourse ceases, where meaning does not "take" and cannot be "taken" - a fluidity, a suspension, where the relentless "signifying machine" of society - the 'doxa' is held in check

He draws liberally from traditional art references, from modernist art, modern design, constructivism; and art deco, to minimalism, op art, music, and film. This book, published in Paris in 2005 by Flammarion, charts Armleder's career and includes 150 images, which present the artist's eclectic output since his early work.